Because sometimes we don't know what to pray.

"I want to be like one of those people on the platform at church," a friend said to me.

My response: "You absolutely can be."

Hi, I'm Kristel.

I'm a wife, mom, author, and 20+ year minister. People have often come to me with a hunger to know God but at a loss on how to pray. One day my team and I were working on this problem, when one member spoke up: "I was praying for someone recently and noticed that I sounded like you [me]. What if we put Scriptures on paper and the way you pray them?" This product is the result of our efforts. We believe each card will put you on track to praying powerfully and give you confidence rooted in God's promises.


Fear has been a life-long struggle that Jesus has helped me overcome. Though there have been days where I waiver, praying the Scriptures empowered me to push back anxiety, stress, and worry. Each card in the Peace Pack was written from my own prayers to climb out of a pit of anxiety. Children of God were not meant to bow to fear but to live in peace! Come pray with me, friend!

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