Because sometimes we don't know what to pray.

BJ and I discussed the issues nonchalantly suffocating our marriage. I struggled with defining my emotions. "I...I just feel like you don't love me. I mean, I know you do, but..." BJ looked as if my statement slapped his face. "I don't understand how you could think that. I've been working so hard because I love you," he said.*

Hi, I'm Kristel. I'm a wife, mom, author, and 20+ year minister.

The story above is true, and there's more: My husband and I once went an entire year without a single date. Not because of kids, lack of money, or busyness, but because we forgot to prioritize one another. Intentionally praying Scripture was a catalyst that put us back on track. Today, we have been married for nearly 19 years and are more in love (and like!) than ever.

If I'm being honest, my approach was misguided when I first began to regularly pray for BJ. I spent my time complaining to God instead of calling out His promises for us. The Lord lead me in learning how to pray more effectively.

Now – after countless conversations with couples pouring out their own marriage pains – I hope to lessen the prayer learning curve. These cards are a product of my journey with God in discovering how to lift up my husband. Each prayer card helps to release the will of God over your marriage and includes a source verse from Scripture.

The Grace to Grow Team and I believe these Marriage Prayer Cards will put you on track to praying powerfully and give you confidence rooted in God's promises.

Come pray with me, friend!

*Excerpt taken from Grace to Grow: 40 Devotions to Release Anxiety and Dive Into Purpose (BroadStreet Publishing)

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